An Angel Named Ann

Since  Ann and I first met in Arizona, she has always loved me for the person I am through and through. Even though I had a seizure on our very first date, she has always accepted and loved me for who I am. For that, I am so very grateful to have found this woman, this incredible person who has shown me more love, through every seizure she has witnessed to each one of the operations I’ve to find and, hopefully, one day rid myself of most of the seizures that I’ve had in the past.

We were both working at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort in Scottsdale, AZ when we met. She worked as a reservations manager while I was working in shipping and receiving unloading freight and bringing needed products to different departments in this resort. Once we met and began talking, I realized her beauty, among other things, and how she would laugh at most of my ridiculous jokes or humorous observations. That clinched it. I had to ask her out….but how?

You see, I have never been very smooth when it came to talking with women I liked, but I knew, some how, some way, I was going to ask this lady out. But how would I do it. I asked a couple of co-workers, ” How should I put it, what should I say to impress her?”  Both of these guys told me to just make it simple. “Just ask her to the movies,” said Dave. “that’s all you need to do.” Easier said than done.

About three days later, I saw my chance and I went for it but I was far from smooth with my delivery. “So, do you date much?” was what I said to her and, to this day, I don’t know how that she eventually agreed to go out with me Even so, she and I  talked a little more, agreeing to have some dinner in Tempe before heading to a well-known comedy club called the Improv for a night of laughs.

When I asked Ann how she reacted when I seized, her answer was cold-blooded but funny, ” I pretended that I didn’t know you,” she said. ” I had never seen you have a seizure but I never planned to leave you there.”

I might’ve done the same thing if it was Ann having the seizure instead of me. In fact, I probably would’ve been overcome with embarrassment and suggested that we take her home, but not Ann. No, though she told me that she was startled a bit, Ann had the guts and grace to give me another shot and, presently, we’re headed to our 17th wedding anniversary in June.

Ann and I  are also raising a smart and talented son, Eric, who is a theater sensation.

Now, I know that there are other people who have similar stories to tell on how they met the love of their life, but I am sure that there are quite a few others who seek or want love but never find that “perfect” match.  That’s a shame, but my advice to those people would be to utter the 5-word question-So, do you date much?- that I used on my my one true love.

Happy Valentines Day sweetheart!  I love you!



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