Windy Weather, Falling Fence

Though the weather was real nice and warmer than normal last week, there was one part that I could have done without: strong wind.

All of my previous blogs had a pretty serious nature to them, so I decided that I’d try to insert a bit of humor into this one.Now, for as long as I have lived on this wonderful planet, there has been one word that waved bye-bye to me a long time ago:handyman.

That leads me to the main subject of this blog:trying to repair a broken fence. Thanks to stronger winds than normal last Thursday, two parts of this wooden fence, put up by the previous owners of our house fell off. That was just what someone like myself wanted to see sprawled out on the steep hill that composes about half of his back yard: two long sections of this heavy wood fence broken right off of its hinges.

The day after I discovered this mess, my stubborn side awoke and I decided that I’d try and drag  each piece back up the hill myse to see whether there was any way I could put them back to the spots that they’d fallen from. Bad idea. You see, even though there were no longer strong wind gusts, the fact that these pieces were positioned down closer to our pool meant that I would have had to be a stronger man without arthritis in both knees in order to have any chance of hoisting those pieces back up to the spots that they fell from.

I suppose asking a couple of people to help me would have been the most logical thing for me to do but I tend to be a bit stubborn at times and, for that reason, I paid a small price.

Though I didn’t have enough manpower to move these pieces on my own , it didn’t halt my desire to try and move them anyway. Like a few other mornings this time of year, dew on the hill had made it real wet and slippery so I never had good footing when I went to square up and lift the pieces. As a result, I fell not once, not twice but three different times and wound up practically covered in mud. What a blast! Had any of my three brothers witnessed the falls, they would have unleashed the one word comment that each of us heard so often growing up: “Smooth!”

It was then that I decided to call it a day.About the only thing I succeeded in doing on that day was protecting myself from injuries.

Five days later, those same two sections remain in pretty much the same area of the yard where I found them, prepping themselves for their next battle with me.As for my neighbors, I was fortunate not to see any of them because one glance at me could have made me the main subject of a few cold-blooded jokes.

Till my next blog, I hope readers learned a little bit from me of what not to do when your working in or around your respective houses. Good day!



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