Didn’t They Have Anything Better to Do?

As if there are not already enough issues and problems that  American people must deal with day after day, a gang of bikers in California who had nothing better to do like, say, work or help raise a family, decided that riding like fools, doing stunts on a major highway and then beating up another man who was just driving his car was a great way to pass their time. How pathetic!!

My question is: in a great country like America, where opportunities to work and better yourself are plentiful, why do people make such dumb choices? How can people be so damn stupid?

I’m not sure yet how old the people involved in this attack were because, somehow, they managed to get away before any cops showed up. There is a videotape of this attack and I’m thinking that will probably help police to catch the attackers sooner than later. At least I hope so. Even so, and I am not saying that I would’ve confronted any of those bikers, but I am hoping that I would’ve at least called police rather than filming what those bikers were doing.

Anyway, what a ridiculous way to spend your free time! If I had to guess, I would say that this wasn’t the first time that they’ve harassed a person for no other reason than to cause some trouble, then try to get away with what they’ve done. Damn imbeciles.



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