Frankly, I Believe He Is Doing Better

This is another blog about the gentleman(Frank) that I have been contacting via phone and email, a man who been referred to me through the Epilepsy Society of Connecticut a few months ago because his mother believed that he needed people to talk to.

Though Frank once again had a negative lead in our latest discussion, done via email, I was encouraged that he was feeling a  little better about himself.

After sending him an email asking him how he has been, Frank wasted no time in bringing up his latest problem first. Frank explained that, a little over a month ago, he had slipped on some ice while walking and fallen, injuring his ribs, shoulders and back. I know it’s winter but I still felt pretty bad to hear Frank tell me this story.

Recently, we exchanged messages and Frank updated me on how he was coming along, recovering from that fall he had taken a couple of weeks ago. He told me that he was seeing a therapist and his injuries, a wrenched neck and bruised, tight shoulders were starting to feel a little bit better. Always good to hear.

Even though I wasn’t expecting him to tell me too much about his own life, Frank went on to tell me that he had been working full-time when he had gone on disability about 10 years ago. Though he never followed through and told me what kind of work he did or was doing when he went on disability, Frank said that he had  been pursuing an associates degree, double- majoring in Business Administration and Accounting at Middlesex Community College with hopes of pursuing a managerial position once he graduated.

While this information helped me to learn a little more about him, I’ve got to admit that it surprised me that he told me that much personal info. Even so,  I think it helped me get a better idea of what kinds of things that I could ask him….or not.

The more that I contact this guy, the more I begin to feel a bit like his counselor. If that sounds bad, that certainly not what my goal was.Even so, I don’t mind because I think that I’m helping him and I also believe that when Frank and I chat, whether it be via phone or computer, I am giving him more of a reason to get up each day and to try and make the best of it. Not to be cold-blooded, but I do not feel sorry for Frank because I am quite certain that, like myself, if he put his mind to it, Frank could achieve or, at least, try to achieve one or more goals that he may have made for himself at one time or another.

I guess that time will tell whether or not I’m right and whether or not Frank can overcome any obstacles he may presently have to live what he might consider a more fulfilling life.


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