Good Time, Better Guy

Just so anyone reading this knows, the get together that I enjoyed last week was not a class reunion. Instead, and in my opinion it was something much better: a simple night out with some good friends that I’ve known for almost forty years including one who changed my life for the better.

Of the five of us that gathered, only Sean , who is a DEA(Drug Enforcement Administration)) agent currently working in Columbia works outside the States. Though I knew a couple of the other guys with us a few years longer, Sean was(and still is ) a very level-headed guy who has never let stupid little things break up or hinder meaningful relationships in his life.

Sean got into town sometime Thursday and then swung by our house to pick me up and catch up with his godson Eric. I think I’ve mentioned him in previous posts but just in case I haven’t Eric is Ann and I’s 14-year old son. I had told Sean about how much Eric loves regular and musical theater in the past and Sean immediate told Eric a story about a friend of his in Arizona. The story went like this: Sean said this friend had a cousin, also an actor who is playing the part of a DEA agent who had come to see Sean in Bogota.  While there, this man invited Sean down to the set to watch a few scenes being made and filmed. Now Sean could of just said hi, asked him how he was doing and left but he didn’t. he was interested in what does to tell him that cool story. Class act all the way.

Both Sean and I come from big families with him being the oldest of, I believe, seven and I the youngest of 10. It was because of Sean that I was able to meet Annette because he initially brought up the idea of me moving out to Arizona back in the early 90’s. Fortunately, I didn’t wait too long and before I knew it I was out in Arizona, still working and going to school in Scottsdale.

Anyway, I’m not going to tell my life story here.Instead, I will say thanks to Sean for helping me to get comfortable out there, I was able to adapt far quicker than I probably would have had I attempted this transition alone.

A couple of years later, I began to work at the resort that I met Ann at and the rest is history.Even holding what I considered to probably be a high-pressure job, Sean treated me the same at he always had: with respect as a friend that he was proud to know.

A lot that has changed since those years. We’re both married with families and Annette, Eric and I have since moved back to Connecticut while Sean has gone on to work in other states as well working, like right now in another country.

Fortunately, through the years our friendship has remained strong. It takes a strong  and decent person to actually take time to continue see how people you’ve known since you were kids are currently doing. For that I’ll always be grateful.


Until we meet up again good friend, laugh a lot, be safe and protect that beautiful family of yours.




meet up again

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