Oh My, How Time Does Fly

Having just graduated from middle school a couple of days ago,I took a little time to think about how fast time has passed for our son Eric, Ann and myself. It’s hard for us to believe that he will begin high school in the fall.

It feels like just yesterday that Ann and I were changing diapers, teaching ABC’s and bearing witness to the growth and development of our now 14-year old son, Eric Riley. Luckily for Ann and I, Eric has a good head on his shoulders, is a good kid and found his true love and passion-music and theater- when he was just 4 years old.

For 10 years now, in addition to being an honor student, Eric has had  lead roles in plays ranging from being  the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz to, more recently, playing the role of Micheal in Billy Elliott.

Those are just a couple of examples of roles he has played, each time with nothing but good things said about his ability now and potential to be even better in future shows. As his father, I have seen Eric go off to many a rehearsal, each time with a smile on his face, eager to get even better than he already is.

For that, I am proud as hell of him. Another thing that I am proud of Eric for is this: though he is very talented, acting or singing, Eric has never come off as a conceited child. He does what his directors ask of him and enters every show he has done with a great deal of pride and confidence. And it certainly shows in his performances.

No matter what Eric decides to pursue for a career, theater or otherwise, Annette and I are confident that, if he pursues and works at something the way he takes care of his schoolwork and plays,he will do just fine.

Until then, Eric, enjoy your summer. You’ve certainly earned the right to relax and do what you want for awhile. Love, Mom and Dad


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