Road to WS Getting Busy

Growing up, I was an avid Yankees fan, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that it is better for me(and far more fun) if I pull for a few different teams instead of just one. Where has that gotten me, well, for one, I loved the fact the Cubs finally won the World Series last year. In fact, they are one of the teams that I’ll be pulling for as the first round of playoffs got rolling yesterday afternoon when the Red Sox took on the Astros in the opening game of their best-of-five division series.

If I were a betting man, my guesses for who will meet in this years’ WS would be the Dodgers and the Indians.  While it was nice to see the Cubs win it all year, I don’t see them repeating. Anyway, like I said earlier it is now so much easier and less stressful for me to do it like this-pulling for more than one team-odd as it may be to some. Speaking of pulling for other teams, I’d love to see the Diamondbacks, a team whose games I loved going to when I lived in Arizona, somehow get by the Dodgers.

With the kind of regular season(104 wins) the Dodgers just had, I’d have to guess that the DBacks chances of winning are small, but, of course, we won’t know until the games are all played.

I don’t consider myself as big a fan of baseball nowadays, mostly because games are so long, but I’m still excited to see if there will be any classic games or nail-biting series.’ If the World Series is anything like last year, no matter which two teams are playing in it, I’ll be a happy man.

Just for fun, here’s my pick: Indians over the Nationals in six games.

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