Can’t Say That I’m Surprised But..

I’m fired up as I write this because Ann and I learned just a couple of days ago that Eric, now a freshman at the Waterbury Arts Magnet School, was chosen to play the main lead, Huey Calhoun, in the schools’ main production of ‘Memphis.’

Talk about being a proud parent! Ann and I had kind of known for awhile that he might have a decent shot at landing this starring role because Eric lives for theater and has always put 100% into every audition he has ever done. Obviously, I wasn’t there when he auditioned for this play, but he told me that he sang “The Music of My Soul,” one of the same songs that he’ll be singing come April because it’s from ‘Memphis.’

The fact that Eric is only a freshman tells me that either the shows’ directors didn’t have many people to choose from for this part or that Eric blew them(others auditioning for Huey part) away when it was his time to sing. I’m willing to go with the latter choice because I have heard him sing not just songs over and over but even single verses repeatedly to be sure that he is hitting each note the way that he wants to. Doing things like this is one of the main reasons that he has gotten even better as a singer as well as an actor,

Now, I’ve written other blogs about Eric and some of the other parts that he has played and for me the reasons are simple: First and most importantly, he’s my only son and I love him dearly. I also love to watch him on stage because he’s very passionate about it, no matter what part he is playing and he always does a great job. I believe that he is happiest when he is on stage performing.

I’ll admit, even after all these years-around 9 in all- since Eric began acting, I still get a bit nervous when he comes out for his first scene of a new show. Bad idea, I guess, because before I know it, Eric is acting and singing with ease, having a blast entertaining another audience without the least bit of nervousness or uneasiness just like I know that he will do in April.

For those interested, the shows’ dates and times are as follows: April 6 and 7 at 7 PM and April 8 at 2 PM at Waterbury’s Palace Theater.


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