Gutless Wench

It seems that young Ames Mayfield, a Cub Scout in Broomfield, CO., who dared to ask some serious questions about gun control and other issues got under the skin of his intended target, State Senator Vicki Marble.

Vicki called the questions that Mayfield asked disrespectful. In this case anyway, Vicki believes that she is such a ‘bigshot’ that to have to answer such a question is not her duty.  As a result of being curious about a couple of issues and doing what he and other Scouts were asked to do, Ames was told to stop with his questions during the meeting with Marble and was kicked out of his Cub Scout den.

My God, people, it wasn’t as if this boy was cursing up a storm or raising some other kind of hell during this meeting. He was simply doing what he and any other Cub Scout members who attended this  were told to do: ask a few questions about issues important to them.

Ames  also asked a question addressing something that smooth-talking Vicki had said about African-Americans’ health and eating fried chicken. How about that, a young child wanting a some answers, wanting to learn more about the society that he is growing up in. Hey Vicki, how about acting like the adult that you supposedly and answering the questions that you are asked instead of  addressing an issue only similar to the subject(s) that you are being asked about.

God help Colorado if Vicki was considered a good choice to be one of this states’ lawmakers. I don’t know too much about politics but I do know that, in this great country, we all have rights, children included. Maybe nobody told you, Vicki, but the work that you do will sometimes be difficult. Show a little class next time and answer the questions that you are asked, no matter how difficult they may be.

Even though he’ll be joining another pack,  I believe that it was quite a blunder that he was ever ‘disciplined’ in such a way.

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