Coming out of a “Spell”

For this blog, I am once more writing about my seizures, this time in a more literal sense because I just had one about 35 minutes ago. Like always, I was doing something when the latest seizure showed its face.

As I was bringing my laundry basket-chock full of clothes- downstairs to the washer, my life quickly changed from seeing, hearing and doing things normally to being gulped up by what feels like a black cloud  of confusion and fatigue. It feels like 20 minutes but it is just 5 minutes or so when the seizure leaves me and I slowly “wake up.”

It is then that I finally recall who I am and what I am doing though I don’t quite understand why I’m sitting on the bottom step of the stairwell leading to the cellar with my head nearly in my lap. Sound weird yet?

Not to worry. It’s quite common for me to end up in a place or be in a position most people would not find normal or comfortable I guess the only positive thing is that I have never injured myself during a seizure, either from being in the wrong place at the wrong time, possibly missing a step, getting hit by a car or any other way that things could go wrong as a seizure is running its course through me.

If it looks like I’m seeking pity in writing this, I’m not. I just felt it would be interesting for people to see how someone with such a disorder tries to handle what is quite a fascinating disorder.

Obviously, not everyone handles this disorder in the same way, but I have had this disorder for so long(36 years and counting) and, fortunately, have had a ton of support and help from people that it’s important for me to say to others with epilepsy that you can live a pretty good life if you have the proper support from others and some inner strength in your own bodies to pull yourself through tough times(when you seize) to continue working to reach any dreams or goals that you may have.

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