My Favorite Gift

It didn’t last long but last night, Christmas night, while we(Ann, Eric, myself and others) were enjoying a wide spread of different deserts, Eric and his friend belted out through songs from the well-known Broadway hit Wicked.

We had gone to spend some time with our friends, friends whose daughter Melanie is a great friend of Erics.  As Ann and I talked with her parents and some other friends that had come by, I could hear them ‘warming up’ by singing different songs. Since we were engaged in conversation with the others, I didn’t  notice which songs that they were singing…. but I sure noticed once they came out and sang for all of us.

The fact that they are both veterans of musical theater made their short show- three songs in all- very enjoyable to all of us.  Both of them sang with as much passion  as if they were up on stage performing in a show made this a nice surprise and an extra holiday gift.

The songs that they sang were What Is This Feeling, Popular and Defying Gravity, all fairly upbeat songs that put all of us watching in better moods than we may’ve already in.  Can’t beat that.

Not only did this talented duo treat us with their performance, but it was as if putting on this quick ‘concert’alone was a good enough gift not just from them, but for them seeing as how they had another chance to entertain(and impress) a crowd, albeit small.

Here’s hoping that everybody has a real Happy New Year!

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