Continued 2018 Resolution

This is hardly a rare subject because people often make goals to better themselves or  their lives all the time. As for me, I’ll continue to pursue  a more healthy lifestyle so that I can keep losing more weight. So far, I’ve dropped between 20-25 pounds.

Yes, it’s true that I began working on this resolution six months ago when I decided to start running every other day again and seriously tried to shed pounds back in June and have been keeping at it despite the fact that it’s winter. Recently, we were hit with what I would say was a blizzard, dropping, probably, 8-10 inches of snow.  Even so, I began running again about a week later. By then the roads had been plowed time and again and running was made possible once more. Even so, I must admit that it’s tougher to get motivated because the cold weather and shorter days. But I’ve been doing it(before this storm), running early in the day and doing my best to eat better food so that the run doesn’t end up being a waste of time.

On top of that, I went over to a boxing/fitness club here in town(Thomaston) known as the Blue Boy Boxing Club where I worked out a few times about two months ago and really liked it. The reason that I went there this time was to see about purchasing a membership so that I would have an alternative workout if weather conditions were too ugly for a run or if, for some reason, I wanted a different type of workout  Due to the device-vagus nerve stimulator- that I have in my head in an attempt to ward off seizures, I could never do any contact workouts. Even so, there are plenty of other alternatives including sparring  workouts that are equivalent in time to a real match (12 three-minute  rounds) in which another spar partner wears something called a focal mitt. This is basically target practice with your fists but it is a great, strenuous workout.

This place also offers open gym and weight workouts along with hardcore abdomen workouts, all things that would probably help me a great deal…as long, again, as I work to eat better. Hopefully, I’ll start going over there by the end of this month.



2 thoughts on “Continued 2018 Resolution

  1. This is really interesting. I haven’t heard of that boxing club. Keep it up, old man, You’re looking great. Eat right and run steady. And go to the boxing club regularly. It’s a formula for success. And keep blogging.

    Talk to you soon.



  2. Hey Dan! I’ve witnessed your transformation over the months! You’re looking real healthy. The boxing club sounds like fun too! Keep up the great work😀


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