Tale of Two Wipeouts

Everyone ought to be able to laugh at themselves from time to time, and that is exactly what I did the past two days after accidentally falling a couple of different times. Hopefully, people will get a kick reading about these incidents which occurred the past couple of days. Enjoy!

The last 24 hours have been a pretty accident-prone time for me. The first”accident” happened last night when I slipped going down the stairs to our driveway while walking to my sister Sheila”s car. Other than a bruised hip, nothing else was wrong with me so I was grateful. Plus, my sister never broke out laughing, showing the composure that so few of us Canfields’ had been able to show after having witnessed similar incidents through the years while growing up.

This morning, I went out running, figuring that would be a perfect way to see whether  the pain in my hip was too serious to run or not. My hip and the rest of me felt fine through most of the run, but, as luck would have it, I was due for another wipeout. Here’s how it happened: As I turned on to our block, I picked up a little speed hoping to end a little faster than I started. Suddenly, I tripped and flew headlong into the street. As I skidded to a halt and began to get up, I looked around certain that someone must have witnessed this ugly fall. And I was right. A woman drove by slowly and looked my way with what appeared to be the slightest of smirks. And I can’t say that I blame her. I have to say that her reaction helped me to laugh at myself even though my hands felt as though they were on fire because I had put them out in front of me in an attempt to protect myself as I was falling.

Since those falls, I’ve made a promise to myself not to burst out laughing should I witness anyone else slip, trip or fall in any other way.  Who am I kidding? I say that now but part of me already says that I’ll at least smirk the way my neighbor did when she drove by. Not only that, but I think it is highly unlikely that I will see anyone fall,  not in the ways that I did.

3 thoughts on “Tale of Two Wipeouts

  1. Well, I know you’ve had your fun laughing at my a– 0ver tea kettle flips over the years, so I say, serves you right and glad you’re not hurt. Also, haw, haw, haw.


  2. Lol! It happens to the best of us D-man!! Though I was witness to the first fall, I was able to chuckle privately to myself as you hobbled valiently to the car! Go easy old man…


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