Seize the Day

The title here suggests a pun to combine the facts that I have epilepsy but have still used my ample free time wisely by working out at a local gym known as the Blue Boy Boxing Club.

Since I began working out regularly over there a couple of weeks ago, I’ve gained a great deal of respect for the owners, Kareem and Nina Blue, for the ways that they work together with both myself and others to ensure a quality workout every time that I go there. I’m currently going over to the BBBC three times a week now.

Here’s a look at some of the things we have done in the classes that I have attended:


Like most other kinds of physical workouts, stretching was to be done before we began to spar. Some of the stretches we did included the cobra, in which we lay on our stomachs than push our upper bodies up as high and straight as we can. We’ve also done a stretch requiring us to lie on our backs and then pull our legs up to our chests. If that sounds painful to anyone, it’s not. It had made a huge difference in how I’ve felt heading into the sparring drills part(my favorite) part of the workout. I’m more flexible and feel more comfortable from head to toe. In some ways, I believe the stretching has helped boost my energy throughout the sparring portion of the class.

These workouts, which , last one hour. Every time, for the entire session Coach (Kareem) Blue and his wife, Coach Nina walk amongst our class making encouraging remarks and helpful hints to any one of us and making sure every one of us are doing the punches and combos that he initially demonstrated properly.

Kareem has been a Gold Gloves fighter, is USA Boxing certified and is also a purple belt in Chinese Goju Ryu karate. Now that’s what I call a well-rounded fighter.

In every single class so far,  we have practiced include jabs, hooks, hook jabs, double jabs, uppercuts, uppercut crosses, slips, rolls and hooks, to name a few  And that’s not even all of them. But that’s a good thing.

Again, those are just a few things that we’ve learning and doing. I never pictured myself as a real boxer, but going through my workouts at the BBBC have at least made me feel as if I were now in a little better shape. Well done guys!



2 thoughts on “Seize the Day

  1. I’ve REALLY enjoyed hearing about your workouts and know what a big difference they make in your energy and mood! Well done little bro😉


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