Down But Not Out

I woke up last Sunday morning eager to run a road race, the 99.1 PLR  Connex Credit Union Shamrock & Roll 5k, for the first time in about six or seven years. There were all kinds of reasons that I hadn’t run from money to time to not wanting to pound my legs too hard because they often feel soar because of arthritis that has crept into my knees.

Like most races, this one began in the morning-10AM, I believe- and since we were going to New Haven, Ann and I left a bit earlier because she wanted to be sure we got parking fairly close to where the race would be starting. Well, we left for the race at a decent time but I was hit with a seizure on the way there. From there on out, it was up to me to wake up as quickly as possible.

Now, I certainly didn’t point this out seeking attention or pity. No, I just mentioned it because seizures sap my strength  and and feeling drowsy and quite tired was not how I wanted to feel an hour and a half before a run. Fortunately, walking around after we had parked worked wonders for me and I regained the energy I needed to do this race. There was a ton of energy because of the amount of people walking around, plus music was being blared and a band- Run for Cover- played live rock and roll classics, seemingly non-stop. Anyone who knows of or has been to or heard of Toad’s Place would’ve been familiar with where this race started(or did it end there?).

Ann and I ran decent races, certainly nothing record-breaking, but good enough for runners like us. We both finished satisfied with our results- my time was 34:39 and Ann finished just a couple of minutes behind me.  After stretching some after the race, Ann and I  went into Toad’s Place to grab something to eat and drink and, once more, listen to some more music.

I’d have to say that one of the most important, albeit silly things about this race was picking up our shirts when we first arrived. Since we did our first race together years ago in Arizona, Ann and I had always made a point of registering early enough to be able to get a shirt. I suppose we see the shirts as something of a prize for doing our best at each race.

Anyway, it was a blast and I’m eager to run our next race near the end of this month. Wish us luck!



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