A Ruthless Enemy

The fact that I’ve had epilepsy since I was around, I believe 15 makes me look back over the course of my life, amazed that I am still able to function like a normal person. Even so, the fact that significant drowsiness follows every one of my seizures puts a damper on what I am doing at the time the seizure strikes.

Yesterday morning, I was hit with a seizure while running a 5k(3.1 miles) road race with my wife Ann.  And I thought running up hills was tough. Anyway, this race about the worst place for a seizure to strike because not only did it distract and temporarily stop me from running, but other curious runners were also slowed down as they, according to Ann, stared at me, stopping their runs or slowing significantly to try and understand why this man(me) was staring into space while grunting or yelling out incomprehensible sounds.

Fortunately, those other runners who witnessed my ‘attack’ and were slowed were assured by Ann that what they were witnessing was nothing new and that I would be fine. With that, those other curious runners kicked it into high gear and went on with the race.

There have been so many different places that I have seized,  from the drivers seat of my car when I used to drive to my first date with Ann to a hundred other places. Fortunately, I have never been injured or  overwhelmed with any hint of embarrassment to move on with my life because these seizures take me to such a dark place, I’m not of aware of my surroundings, who’s watching or noticing me spaz or even what people may sometime say to others out of curiosity or panic.  By the time I regained contact with the present day or moment, I am so exhausted, I don’t care about anything else but finding a couch, car seat or bed so I can sleep off the seizure effects. Does that make any sense?

OK, on with the running story. I was very excited to get back into racing and was happy that I maintained enough energy to finish the race, because my dear Ann enjoys it as much as I do and we’re hoping to do a few more races as the weather warms up.

Until my next blog, good day all.

2 thoughts on “A Ruthless Enemy

  1. This explains what it islike to havea seizure in a ery good and graphic way. So glad you wrote it. And so proud to be your Pa.


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