One Mans’ Housecleaning Adventures

Many people see housecleaning as a given on their To Do lists and don’t make a big deal out of it. Me, well I am like a little kid. I can’t stand it but, because I am a grown man and Ann sometimes asks me to do a little cleaning, I throw on a fake smile and say, “Of course, no problem.”

I figure that’s the least I can do since I no longer work. Now I’ll get on with my blog, a story met to be funny, not bitchy

Obviously, having a clean house is something I want, but, most days I’m battling 3 cats(Margarita, Linus and Lucy) who love to follow me around, no matter where I go, either because they are craving more attention or simply enjoy getting in my way.

When I’m doing things like washing dishes or doing laundry, the cats initially don’t drive me too crazy because once they leap up onto the sink, washer or dryer, I just put them back on the floor and continue doing what I had been doing. Most of the time, there not through at that point, leaping up on the sink again and again as if to say, “We’re baaaack!” There have been a couple of different times when Linus or Lucy have followed me downstairs to the washer and dryer, waited for me to open one of them, then jumped right in like it was a little playroom before I put any clothes into them. Wise asses!

This doesn’t happen every single time I do the laundry but, even so, they do seem to be tracking my whereabouts more often than not. And when they’re not waiting for their chances to jump into  either the washer or dryer, one of them will jump onto the basket of clothes that I’m going to wash and stare at me, as if to say, “What’s your problem?”

Even so, our cats have never been too big of a problem for me, just enough for me to be extra alert for them as I do things around the house.




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