Memorable Road Trip from Long Ago

Sports have long been a mans’ recipe for happiness over the years. In fact, I, like many others still follow a couple of the pro leagues to this day. One of the sports, besides pro football, that I have followed pretty closely since I was a kid is baseball.  Even so, I will no longer sit and watch an entire game…. unless I am there.

Growing up, my brothers(Owen, Kevin and Steve) and I went to a few games at either Fenway Park, Yankee or Shea Stadiums but it is one trip that I took with Kevin following our mothers’ death back in 1988. To this day, I do believe that taking this road trip slightly lessened the deep pain we that we all felt mourning the passing of this dear woman.

Kevin, like me, has always been a big baseball fan so we came up with a plan to take a trip, driving to different stadiums to see a game, a unique experience indeed. After speaking with Kev about this trip a couple of days ago, we were able to recall which stadiums that we went to and saw a game in: Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati, Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, Busch Stadium in St. Louis and the stadium that I know was my favorite-Wrigley Field in Chicago- where they had begun playing night games shortly before we took this trip.

Even though we could not recall which games we saw, who pitched or what the score of any of the games we saw were, it was the whole experience of being at a places we’d never previously been to. It was also a chance for Kev and I to catch up on one anothers’ lives, talking as brothers should trying to make sure that we were each happy with whatever each of us were doing or pursuing at that that time.

As I said earlier, Wrigley-the second oldest stadium(1914) behind Fenway(1912), was my favorite park to go because first, of the ivy-covered wall and also because of the size of it, a smaller stadium only a bit larger than, you guessed it, Fenway(in terms of capacity) that puts most of the fans very close to the field.

Since taking this trip, I have been to other parks(Bank one Ballpark and Candlestick Park ) and even other countries- Ireland and Costa Rica- but the few memories that I have left of Kevin and I’s trip, an outstanding example of brotherly love,are the one’s that most recently came to mind. Enjoy!






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