Another Job Well Done

What I(and Ann) can say is that we are very proud of Eric for being one of only four students from his school to receive a Student Recognition Award this past Thursday night at Kennedy High School.

This award, known as a superintendents certificate of excellence, was given to different students from area schools, recognized Eric and the others for their leadership and academic skills. In other words, for being well-rounded students and kids.

Obviously, teachers from his school(Waterbury Arts Magnet School) made the choices to who they thought were most deserving of this award and, well, considering that there are just over 100 freshman at WAMS, that’s one hell of a compliment to receive this kind of award.

Since he began school, Eric has always been a model student, studying when it’s necessary, always doing his homework no matter how much he had or how busy he has been, with rehearsals for plays or anything else nor has he ever been a behavioral problem for his teachers.

The fact that Eric is only a freshman makes me a little nervous because in the next few years that he’ll be in high school, a lot could and may change.  Even so, he’s a smart kid and Ann and I will do our best to help him keep up solid study habits and to help him make wise decisions outside the classroom.

Eric, you have always been a confident young man who knew what you wanted and what you had to do to reach or achieve your goals, therefore resulting in success no matter whether it was in the classroom or up on stage. You already know how proud mom and I are of you but I wrote this blog to let others who may read it know what a great guy you are and how lucky Mom and I to be your parents. Congratulations once again!


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