Two More Much-Deserved Awards

People who read this blog might think that I am bragging. Well, they’re right, I am but I bet they’d do the same thing if their child(ren) brought home numerous awards, all within the span of about two weeks.

As if his last theatrical gem-“Memphis”- wasn’t impressive enough,Eric was one of only a few high-achieving students to be invited to the 2018 Waterbury Arts Magnet High School Awards Ceremony.  The event took place this past Tuesday at the Palace Theater in Waterbury.

Needless to say, Ann and I were proud that he was even invited, but we were even more excited  when he was announced as the winner of two awards: one for excellence in the classroom, taking home the Biology Award and the other, known as  the Theater Arts Award, this one for Eric, in short, being a dynamic and wonderful actor.

Even though he is only a freshman, Ann and I constantly remind Eric of how good the awards will look when he begins applying to  different colleges in a few years.

Not to be cocky, but I can’t say that I was too surprised to hear Erics’ name called for either one of the awards. Since he first began acting and singing, Eric has always put in the work necessary to play whatever part he was given with passion and excellence without ever forgetting what he needed to do in the classroom.

In winning the Biology/Physical Science Award, it was determined that Eric had the highest overall grade of all freshmen at WAMS. Yeah, that reminds me of the days when I was cruising through of all of my classes, getting similar grades. Yeah right!

Sure, Ann and I stay right on him when we need to, making sure that he is or has gotten schoolwork done but, for the most part, Eric has made our jobs a bit easier by usually being studious and pursuing something he loves with passion. Great job Eric!












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