Strange But Funny

This blog  covers one single incident that had me laughing like hell. I had just finished doing a workout at the Blue Boy Boxing Club, said good-by to the others and then went outside and unlocked my bike.

What happened to me next was a prime example of how people should treat one another even if there is a slight or near accident. Now I’ll finish the story.

After unlocking the bike, I began walking it up the walkway, passing parked cars until I found enough room to get going.  After finding an open space, I  began to pedal only to just miss a guy, hands full with things he’s just bought, as he was coming out of a nearby store.  I immediately said how sorry I  was than cursing me out for being so careless, he said this, “No problem! I would’ve probably been better off if you’d hit me.” He smirked as he said this, then we both laughed like hell.

Too often, incidents like this contain loud arguments, fistfights or worse. Instead, we were both able to find a little humor in this incident, wish one another a good day and move on.  Now, if only all unintended incidents ended this smoothly.

I know, I know! We’re not living in a perfect world! Even so, being a part of this “incident” earlier this week helped me learn that, though crazy things happen in this world, there is a way to get through them peacefully.

I couldn’t promise that if I’d been in this guys’ position, leaving the store with stuff, I’d of had a similar reaction. In fact, I tend to overreact in cases like this, silly incidents where I could’ve laughed rather giving someone a dirty look or yelling at a person for being “careless.”

Anyway, this is a truly simple somewhat dull story. I’ll admit that, but the comical worth of it is priceless to me. I’m sure that others will be able to relate to this story.





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