What a Nice Night!

  This past Saturday night, Ann and I headed over to Mulligan’s  Bar and Grill in Torrington to listen to the fine music of Tom Abbott. Tom, a nephew of my good friend Sean and the son of another good guy, Seans’ brother Brendan and his wife Cheryl, played alone but it was obvious, right from the start that this guy had some talent.

  Some of the songs that Tom blasted out included the Don McLean, “Bye,Bye Miss American Pie, Smokey Robinsons’ Heard It Through the Grapevine and Blondies’ Heart of Glass.

There were so many more but I won’t be naming any more of them because I don’t recall what they were. Even so, I (and everyone else) heard his music all night long, welcome music to listen to as I caught up with those that I had not seen in quite some time. There was my cousin Anita and her husband Mark, a guy that I graduated high school with named Doug and, of course, Brendan.  Doug and I talked for quite awhile, catching up with each other and seeing what we were each up to.

Now, Mulligan’s in not a real big place so on this occasion that was a good thing because Toms’ music was right on top of us, great music that rightfully earned applause after each song ended.  Like I said earlier, Tom showed talent impressively playing his guitar(s) as he smoothly sang song after song.

When Ann and I were about to leave, I went over, introduced myself to Tom, shook his hand and told him what a nice job he was doing.  For those familiar with my blogs, I’ve talked about our son, Eric, and of how I admire how well he does his numerous musicals(plays) in front of crowds. I would  guess it takes just as much confidence and composure to sing in front of a crowded. Alone. It must because Tom Abbott had those two things on this night and he was great.





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