OK(for them) to Push the Panic Button

As I stepped forward to purchase my drink and paper this morning at a nearby convenience store, I was suddenly swallowed up by the familiar darkness of another seizure. That I didn’t expect, but what I saw in front of me after this seizure ran its course was an even bigger surprise: two EMT’s checking out my vital signs after being called by the woman who’d been ringing me out. On top of that, I had brought my dog, but he ended up being pretty good and mellow, fortunately.
At the time, I was too exhausted to clearly remember them helping me out, but I can recall answering questions that they asked me, apparently to test my memory. The questions were very basic- my address, birth date and name among them and I had very little trouble telling them those things.
Though I wasn’t ever hurt or truly injured at all, I must say that I appreciate this store’s employees playing it safe because they probably didn’t know how things might have turned out had they not called. I was fine(but tired) when this seizure hit and, not feeling any type of pain on any part of my body, I knew I’d be fine but, even so, I’m sure this call put the workers more at ease knowing that my seizure wasn’t going to end in any tragic or unfortunate way.
As if me having seizures there weren’t enough of a day-changer for those workers, one of them even told me afterward that she had a cousin who had epilepsy. Talk about a small world!
Though I had just sent a blog out yesterday, I could not pass up writing about this happening. And the beauty of seizing out in a public place was that, after the seizure, I am so exhausted that it’s impossible to be embarrassed. It’s as if I am asleep with my eyes open and I am unable to retain any type of strong human emotion. Therefore, the seizure runs its course, I recover and life goes on.
Lastly, thanks to those two EMT’s who helped me out, asked the right questions and made sure everything was cool with me. Job well done.

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