Smaller Part, Same Passion

For someone pursuing theater, I believe it is critical to ones’ success to be able to take on(and play) any part they are assigned with the same passion, no matter the size of that part. I said that because our (Ann and I’s) son, Eric, has had continued success in theater through the years, and we believe that is because he accepts and plays any part he gets as well as he can.
A good example of such a scenario came on Sunday afternoon at his next play,
Legally Blonde, The Musical played at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport.
For this show, Eric’s part,Grandmaster Chad, though a bit smaller than the many lead roles he’s played in past plays was performed like every other show he’s done,with extreme passion and confidence. This certainly didn’t surprise Ann or I.
Eric’s biggest performance was done about halfway through Act One during the song,What You Want, an upbeat tune that Eric sang a majority of alone, nailed. This certainly didn’t surprise me and, of course, I was happy with how smoothly Eric performed throughout.
On top of that, Eric showed that he could do other things,including jumping rope with other cast members during the second acts’ opening song,Whipped Into Shape.Imagine,doing such a physical activity like this while performing in a packed theater.Not only did Eric and the others need to have a sense of timing, they also had to belt out the song and be in perfect synch with one another. And Eric and the rest of the cast were,from beginning to end.
I never thought that I would ever go to a play like Legally Blond,but, having been performed by such a capable and talented cast, I came away pleasantly surprised and very proud of Erics’ performance happy with this play.Of course, with such an impressive resume I can’t say that I was surprised that he nailed it
Now I am looking forward to next weekend, so that Ann and I can see Eric and his equally talented cast shine once again.

5 thoughts on “Smaller Part, Same Passion

  1. Of course, knowing Eric’s taLents as I do, having watched him many times, I’m not at all surprised. The kid has guts, smarts, big talent. Proud? Yeah.


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