Thank You, Whoever You Were

Nearly one month ago, I wrote a blog about having a seizure, where I was and what happened. Todays’ blog is a similar story dealing with another seizure I had only this time, someone ended up giving me a ride back to my house. Someone that I don’t think I knew.
At about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, as I finished up a run, things went totally black in the same familiar way I’ve experienced hundreds of times before. It appears that someone saw it or saw me afterwards and recognized that something was(or had) happened to me. Maybe I was sitting on a curb with my head on my knees offered or standing there with my hands over my face. I’ve been told by people I know who’ve seen me seize in the past that I often do these two things.
This good samaritan did something so small but something I was truly grateful for giving me, a total stranger(to this driver, I believe), a ride the last half-mile or so to our house after either witnessing my seizure or sensing that I was, in their opinion anyway, someone in need of help.
Either that, or I may have flagged down a car on my own after the seizure, but I doubt it. Whatever happened is history, but what I do know is that what this person did for me is and was greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Fortunately, good fortune was on my side, and for that I am thankful. In too many other stories people, especially children, are victims of kidnappings and much worse crimes but I came from this whole thing unscathed.Obviously, someone was looking out for me, because, even now, I cannot recall exactly who I spoke to, what color of the car was that brought me back to my house or where I was when I seized. The real scary part is that I got right into this persons’ car even though I had no clue who it was. Then again, maybe I did know this person, Who knows!
My guess would be that it happened at either the car dealership or the auto garage at the opposite end of this lot that the dealership is on roughly, well a half-mile from our house. Either that or it could have been one of my neighbors on my block.
Now, though some who read this type of blog believe that I write them because I am seeking pity. Not even close!
I am just one of those people doing my best to live a full life and, most of the time anyway, especially with Ann and Eric in my life, I know that I am succeeding!

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Whoever You Were

  1. Pal,
    You are doing much more than succeeding. I have watched
    you through the years and all the battles you have fought with
    these vicious seizures. I admire you more than you know.



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