What Did I Do To Earn This?

Each and every every day, I wake up and consider myself very fortunate because of all of the good things that I have in my life. Among those good things are 9 older brothers and sisters who have always helped me(and one another) whenever it was appropriate or necessary.There have also been times when we’ve each done other things just for the heck of it.
A prime example of the latter came earlier this week.
I received a call from my brother Steve, who told me that he had signed me up for three months at the boxing place, Blue Boy Boxing Club here in Thomaston where my membership recently ran out after nine months.
Talk about shocked! Christmas and my birthday won’t be for awhile and those are the only two reasons that I could think of why he would’ve done this but, believe me, I am not complaining.
In fact, I am hardly surprised that Steve did this for me because, for as long as I can remember, he has always been a super guy and great brother able to make all of us laugh any time, anywhere, especially when we shouldn’t have been. I can clearly recall numerous occasions breaking down- because of Steve making faces, etc- when I was an alter boy back in grade school.
I had gone over to his place to watch some football the past couple of weeks so, my guess is that I mentioned something about the BBBC when we were talking and, of course, he delivered.
Of all the families that are in this world, the Canfields, all 10 of us, along with mom and dad were always considered to be such a very decent and highly respected family. And we still are.Though I am sure it happens once in a while, I’m guessing that they’re are not many siblings throwing out a good hunk of their own change to surprise one of their brothers or sisters out of the blue for no other reason than to say, “I love you.”
Well Steve, it means an awful to me that you did this for me. I smile as I write this because, though I am sure that you are plenty busy living your own life and work so hard to do things that you might like doing, you decided that you’d surprise me with this gift…and I appreciate it very, very much!

Thanks a ton, Lenny!

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