Running & Boxing: The Perfect Combo

When I began boxing over at the Blue Boy Boxing Club here in Thomaston roughly 10 months ago, I found the sessions, three per week with a few other guys to be a super compliment to the running I’ve been doing, usually every other day.
I don’t why I was surprised at how vigorous and somewhat tiring these sessions turned out to be, but I was. For each session, Kareem Blue, one of the owners of BBBC(along with his wife, Nina) gives us different punches or combos to throw, then sets a timer for three minutes, the time of a normal boxing round. We normally do around 8 rounds. How quickly I learned! We also do a few stretches at the beginning and end of each session, I assume, to keep us from tearing or straining something.
No matter whether you’re moving or not, throwing punches non-stop will and did take a lot out of me. Even so, I’ve loved it because I quickly found that it was(and is) a wonderful workout substitute on days that I didn’t run. Time after time, I’ve left the BBBC after workouts tired, but I’ve also felt re-energized, so much so that I have occasionally taken a run right after getting home from boxing.
With the temperatures finally starting to cool down, I’ve got to admit that I will probably won’t be running as much, but as long as I’m boxing, I believe that I’ll be getting a pretty nice workout each time that I go there.
Though I admit that I no longer make serious attempts to run faster and lower my race times, I still run because, just like boxing, I feel like a different person afterward. Not only that but Ann, my sister Sheila and I are planning to run a 5k(3.1 miles) on Thanksgiving Day so I want to at keep myself comfortable enough to do that.
The great thing about these is that I’ve been able to lose about 20 pounds.
Now I know that I will never be described as someone with a svelt physique, but the fact that I feel better both physically and even mentally is enough for me….and, in fact, the most important thing.

2 thoughts on “Running & Boxing: The Perfect Combo

  1. Hey Dan,
    Can’t remember if I responded already to this excellent blog. Anyway, last time you were here I noticed how fit and good you look. Keep boxing, keep running and keep smiling, old man.


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