A Chorus Line: Another Rockin’ Show

On Saturday night, Ann and I enjoyed another of Erics’ shows- A Chorus Line- and as usual it was great. Eric was super too. Playing the part of Greg,Eric sang when he had to but, in my opinion, it was how well he portrayed his character, a 32-year old homosexual man. As Greg, Eric brought out his(Gregs) feminine side in a funny but honest way.
As for the rest of the cast of this show, everyone worked together throughout, therefore resulting in a wonderful play. Even so, it was Eric working his usual theater magic as Greg that got my attention from beginning to end.
For this particular part sang some but danced an awful lot with a talented cast all around him. In one of the songs, Hello Twelve, Hello Thirteen, many different cast members sang, including Eric, who told the audience a story about the moment he discovered he was homosexual. In that same song, Greg was comically blunt as he sang about having an erection for three years and of how he dealt with different social situations.
Sometimes, I’ve been blown away with the songs he has sung, but there were some things in this play that got more of my attention than. For example, on top of cleanly executing his part, Eric and the entire cast had to dance quite often, stop on a dime and step out to say a line or more before continuing to dance. I don’t know how he does it. No matter what his character parts have needed to do, Eric has always aced them.
All together, there were four shows performed this past weekend and though I only saw this one show, I’d guarantee you, the reader, that Eric performed smoothly in each of the shows.
For as hard as Eric worked on this show and always works, juggling school with a busy rehearsal schedule, I’m rarely if ever surprised when he shines like a star when he performs. He works so hard at it and he’s a blast to watch! Well done, my boy!

One thought on “A Chorus Line: Another Rockin’ Show

  1. I saw the show with Sheila on Sunday and I agree, Eric was spectacular. So was the whole cast. I love3 to watch that kid. Way to go, Canfields.


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