(Possibly) Different Holiday Plan

With Thanksgiving having just passed, it is now time to focus on Christmas-related things, from putting up and decorating our tree to beginning our Christmas shopping. Uh, no wait. This year we’re doing things a little bit differently.
Now, it’s not that Ann and I are Grinches! No,we’re just holding off a little for a bigger occasion: Eric’ next b-day. Soon to turn 16 next month, we may be throwing him a party to celebrate this magnificent feat. Now, because he asked about possibly having such a party, Ann and I told him that he may not get as much for Christmas…and he was just fine with that! Now that’s what I call grown-up behavior!
It blows my mind that Eric will probably have his drivers license before this coming school year ends! Time certainly does fly by.
Now, don’t get me wrong! There will be gifts for all, but just far smaller(and cheaper) things so that when we throw Eric’s party next month, it will be enjoyable and very memorable for Eric.
While there are still a few more weeks until Christmas arrives, I thought that our ‘plan’ was a nice topic for a blog.He has done all he can to keep his grades consistently up while juggling a busy schedule of school and numerous nightly rehearsals for different plays on most school days. Very impressive indeed!
This is such an important occasion for kids because, hey, you’re only 16 once, so why not make that particular b-day celebration a memorable one. There are other ages that people reach that are considered special, but this birthday is the first one, I believe, in which a child makes that move to adulthood because that child, in this case our son Eric is now old to drive a car, something only responsible, law-abiding adults are allowed to do.
Even though this holiday/upcoming b-day blog is going out quite early, I was itching to write it because they’re two important subjects to me.
I hope everybody(that I know anyway) has a Merry Christmas and a super New Year!

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