Christmas Party # 1: A Blast as Always

As Ann, Eric and I arrived at dads’ new residence for a Christmas party this past Saturday, I immediately moved from a saddened son missing his mother to a grateful husband, father and son.
In other words, I cheered up quite a bit….because I am in a very fortunate position, a spot that so many others living much harder lives than mine, would take in a heartbeat.
This bash, reportedly organized by my oldest sister Linda, included the things a typical Canfield party always has: plenty of good food and a great deal of laughter.
Now, as I have grown older, I’ve spend a great deal of time alone, but I do not mind it. Not at all! Even so, when Christmas rolls around each year, I greatly enjoy seeing everybody and catching up with what they’re all doing, how they are doing, yada yada yada.
One of my favorite parts of this party came when small gifts were given out to everybody. It reminded me of how we did gift-time when I was little because we each got chairs and made a circle. Now, as kids, we all sat in furniture or on the floor in the living room in a circle before dad handed out the gifts. Last night, we each grabbed a chair and formed a similar-looking circle before Linda handed out small gifts to each of us. Even though my memory isn’t great, I do clearly recall how it was on those Christmas mornings long ago.
All together, six of us kids were there,along with dad, and most of us there had our kids, wives or husbands. As usual, this party was a hit. There was a steady stream of conversation between everyone and Christmas carols were playing nearly the whole time we were there.
Even though I said that I do not mind spending time alone, I do realize each time we have a family gathering how darn fortunate and lucky I am to have all of these incredible people in my life. It’s truly a blessing! In fact, there will be another party tomorrow night(Christmas eve) at my sister Sheila and brother-in-law Chris’house. In finishing, let me say Merry Christmas or happy holidays to everyone reading this!

3 thoughts on “Christmas Party # 1: A Blast as Always

    •     Oh Sharon. you’re so sweet!  Thanks for reading this blog and Happy New Year to to Travis and to you!


                                    Dan, Annette and Eric


  1. Dan,
    This is straightforward but touching. I feel the same as you do. Keep writing this blog, son. It’s important.
    Love to y’all. — DaD


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