Great Friend and Super Dad

Like all days, people near and far celebrate birthdays every day.However, today, Feb.1 just happens to be my fathers’ 85th birthday and I wanted to tell you, the reader how incredibly fortunate I(and my 9 older brothers and sisters)have been to have such an incredible dad.
Not everyone is so lucky to have such strong parents the way that we did then and still do now. Memories were and still are plentiful. Even when Dad,who was a well-known award-winning sportswriter was busy, he still made time for his kids. One such example is when he helped coach my older brothers’ Little League team, not in just a single game but for at least a couple of seasons.
One example that I could think of,of just how important he made us feel was when he and I would go see numerous Bristol Red Sox and Waterbury Reds games. Once in a while I brought a friend to these games, but a great majority of the time him and I went alone….and we always had a blast, talking about different things and laughing a whole lot.
Due to his age, dad no longer drives, but he continues to keep such a great attitude toward life in general. Obviously, things have slowed down for him, but that was bound to happen.
Even though Mom passed away back in 1988, I have been able to maintain a nice relationship with dad. I bet that if I asked my brothers and sisters, they too would tell me the same thing about dad-he’s a super person.
Every person has stress in their lives, that’s a given, but knowing how to handle it and having others to support or help out when needed plays a huge part in succeeding.
Dad now has that, from all of his children and many,many more. Happy Birthday Dad! I hope that you have a super day!

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