I Believe I Would Have Laughed

As I left the house today to get my paper at the corner store this morning, I put on Buddys’ leash and we headed out. I wasn’t out there 10 seconds before I slipped on one of the steps, dropped the dogs’ leash and came crashing down on one of the steps.
Fortunately, I was fine because I landed on my butt, but I needed to find Buddy immediately because he’s hardly an approachable and friendly dog(to those he doesn’t know, that is). As it turned out, I didn’t need to look at all. Down at the bottom of the stairs, right in front of me was Buddy, looking up at me as if to say, ” Are you serious? Get up, lets go!”
I know, I know, it’s a rather juvenile thing to write about, I’ll admit that, but the comedic make-up of the incident told me that it was blog-worthy. I must admit that if what happened to me happened to a neighbor, and I’d witnessed it, I most likely would have laughed like hell….unless he(or she) was injured. Not that I’m rude. It’s just that, seeing something I don’t normally see, something totally unexpected, tends to cause me to break out laughing. Just ask my brothers.They would tell you that it doesn’t take much. And they’re right.
Other than the dog, there was only one possible witness- a guy named Russ who was loading things into his truck across the street- that I could see that I saw after I got up. However, I didn’t see him laughing so maybe he didn’t see me.
Obviously, these kinds of things happen to people each day but, I would guess that many of them aren’t willing to talk or recall no matter whether the fall was serious or not.
On top of the wipe-out, I am sure to be battling a little extra soreness and pain from the run that I took yesterday, my first time out running since a road race I did back in October.
OK, that’s all the whining that I will do and, hopefully, this blog will bring a smile to some peoples’ faces. I hope that everyone has a good(and balanced) day. Get it?

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