Valentines Day Thoughts

Not everyone has a special partner in life. I did say that to be mean or insensitive toward others. No, instead I sad that because I happen to be one of those blessed to have a special lady in my life: Ann Canfield.
Ever since my sorry first line to you, which I believe you took without a smirk on your face, you and I have lived a heck of a life.
From our marriage in Florida back on June 17, 2000, I believe that you and I have complimented one another perfectly, mixing laughter with strength to keep one another upbeat and our super marriage impossibly strong.
To me, you are a busy but beautiful mother to our beautful,smart and talented son, Eric,helping to raise him in an awesome way while getting him to so many rehearsals, plays and other places. All this despite your demanding and busy work schedule.
As if that’s not enough, you have been so super, graceful and strong taking me to my many different appointments, asking my doctors as many questions as possible to, I believe, find away to calm or eliminate the seizures.
For that I am and always will be truly thankful and grateful. I just thought you would like to know that. Happy Valentines Day!!

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