Just Another Day in the OR

Even though Ann got a nice post-op picture of her and I, posted it on Facebook with many people wishing me a quick recovery,I still wanted to offer my own personal experience to anybody interested.

This one covers the operation that I had earlier this week at Yale-New Haven hospital, in which a brilliant doctor and his equally brilliant team cut and rolled some of the skin on my skull back and replaced the neuropacemaker device that was first implanted three and a half years ago with a new, longer-lasting(8 years) NPM.
I don’t want to take anything away from the many doctors who do so many other important jobs, but I’ve had my head examined, drilled into and cut open more than most people, so the work that these men and women do simply amazes me and I truly appreciate their efforts.
I think that is why I never got too uptight about this operation. While it made me a little nervous to think about what they would actually be doing to get the prior device out of my skull and the new one in there,I’m, like I said, a veteran of many a brain-related operation so I went into this operation like I had the others: calmly. How else could I be?
After all, within five minutes, I was going to be under, not able to feel a thing until I woke up roughly an hour and a half later somewhat groggy and, of course, quite sore.
Sure enough, as I began to wake up, I saw a blurry vision of Ann waiting patiently for me to wake up along with whom I assume were the doctor who had done the main surgery and a nurse.
As time went on, I became more and more aware of where I was and of who the people near me really were. Just as I said, they were Ann, my doctor and a nurse. Judging from the pain ringing in my skull, I knew that the surgery was done.
Most amazing to me is that we were leaving that hospital at just around 11:30, a mere four and half hours after they began the surgery. Simply amazing!

4 thoughts on “Just Another Day in the OR

  1. Dan. It’s truly miraculous what they can do during these brain surgeries! And equally amazing that you were home on the same day!
    Love to you sweet bro!


  2. Hey Dan,
    you endure these difficult challenges with such grace- you never complain ( even when your head is killing you) just praise for the gifted surgeon and your supportive Annette. You never cease to amaze me.
    Love you


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