Itching to Box Again

Yes,yes, I know! I’ve written about boxing before but, you see, I’m willing to write about it again because I’m really having a blast and want to get back to my workouts. I’ve got six days to go.
The stitches that were running down the right side of my head and itching quite a bit were finally removed this morning. Having had stitches quite a few times before, I was happy to get them out and lose the itch.
Even so, that’s not the type of itching that I am going to address in this blog. As the title of this blog states above, it’ll address the fact that I am itching to get back over to the boxing classes that I have already been taking for a few months now.
I attend this hour-long class, usually run by Kareem Blue, three times a week. From the very first time I went to this fine place-Blue Boy Boxing Club here in Thomaston- I have found the workouts to be super fill-ins, certainly a fine substitute for the running I’ve been unwilling to do through the winter months.
I thought that I would be returning to workout this Friday, but Ann reminded me that I have something to do, yet another medical-related appt. of some kind, I believe.Even so, I will get back there next Monday and resume working out again, a workout that is far better than I initially thought that they might be.
The majority of time in these sessions are occupied by eight different rounds, each of which, I believe, are three minutes long and consist of throwing different punches or combinations that Kareem has demonstrated for us before the timer is started. And I thought running was tiring! Anyway, these sessions will lift ones boosting cardio and strength along with also improving my agility, coordination and even balance.
Usually there are about seven or eight others in this class, a majority of whom were there when I started boxing and that are still there now. Many of them are retirees and every one of them are really nice guys.
I believe that my current period of BBBC access runs through April but, barring any vacation time or unexpected bills, I plan on adding on a few more months of membership on as soon as this current membership runs out.

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