Friends Like Him Few and Far Between

Many, if not all of you reading this know who Mike Barger is. Since we first met as teammates on a city league basketball team back in sixth grade, Mike and I have been good friends.
Our ability to find humor in the silliest, even stupidest of things, has been a big reason, in my opinion that our friendship has lasted all these years. No matter whether it was noticing how somebody, including one another laughed, said, reacted to something or how macho someone acted or looked- Mike and I usually called those people wads.
We even worked together for a few years at the K-Mart in Torrington and lived together for a short time at an apartment in Torrington. During those same years,I know that I was in a lengthy relationship with a girl with quite the temper. Even so,she provided Mike and myself with plenty of laughs…when she wasn’t around.
Though I come from a large family and do have other friends from my childhood that I talk with about just as rarely as I talk with Mike, there is almost a guarantee that, even as we fill one another in on things going on in our respective lives, there will be moments that we laugh like hell about some things almost no one else would find funny.
No matter how long it had been since we’ve seen each other, we always make two things a priority when we meet: food and laughing. Usually its breakfast or lunch that we have when we meet up. Today it was lunch at Rozzi’s here in Thomaston, a popular place with real good food.
As we waited for our meals, waitresses brought out meals for others seated around us as Mike and I stared at them just hoping that the meals were for us instead of them. Then we laughed about it because the whole scenario cracked us up: two grown men who love to eat a bit too eager to get their meals.
We were also able to catch up on each others’ lives, families etc. Yeah, we acted grown and mature…for a short time. Then our food came and we ate like two kids eating out for the first time. Basically, we inhaled our food,talked and laughed a bit more before heading back to my house so that we could exchange cell phone numbers.
Our whole outing might have lasted about an hour and a half but it was such a good time. Thank you Mike for a good meal and a great time. It was real nice seeing you again. Take care.

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