Another Great NYC Outing

Yes, its true. Nearly two weeks after I joined Eric for our first NY road trip together, I joined him again. This time, our destination was Harlem, where Eric met with his song coach for one hour. A song coach (applies to one who works with speech and communications rather than singing) is a music teacher who helps singers prepare for a performance by helping them to improve their singing technique and take care and develop their voices.
After Ann brought us to a Bridgeport train station, Eric and I were off to New York City. This time, Harlem was our goal destination, and for the most part, things went smoothly thanks to Erics’ ability to get where we need to with no problems at all.
We probably were on the initial leg of this jaunt for about one hour. When we got to NYC, Eric, with a copy of a map of the area in Harlem where this meeting was, smoothly and safely got us to where he needed to be after just a few minutes walking. As usual, Eric was smooth and composed getting us there, never letting the large masses of people going anywhere and everywhere throw him off one bit.
After reaching the intended address,Eric went up a couple of floors to his instructors’business and I got something to eat-a tasty grilled cheese with mushrooms- at a small eatery/bar back downstairs while I waited for Eric. I also began talking with a couple of people who were seated nearby, which helped the time pass a little faster. Even though I only had to wait for one hour, lets face it, time can drag if you have anything to say or do. Anyway, I introduced myself and we spoke as a group about subjects ranging from sports to politics until Eric came back down from his class and I found it to be a nice way to make the time pass.
Now, the fact that we went to New York made this seemingly simple trip quite exciting and, sure enough, there was at least one more thing that jolted the energy of this outing, especially for Eric: the seizure that I had on the train as we were making our way back to Bridgeport after his class finished up. Even so, Eric didn’t panic because he has seen me have seizures in the past and I don’t believe that I do very much during a seizure anyway. Even so, it was just a matter of waiting for the seizure to run its course and for me to regain consciousness and a sense of familiarity with where I was, what was happening and the energy to carry on. Great job Eric!
To top off an exciting day, we were able to watch an(I assume)aspiring singers’version of Eye of the Tiger, by Survivor on our subway ride to catch the train home. From start to finish, this guy gave it his best shot and, in all honesty, I’ve heard worse.
Not too much later, Eric and I arrived back in Bridgeport, where we were picked up by one of Ann’s friends, Marie. She then brought us to a Stop & Shop store in Seymour to meet, well, Ann. Our day was done but, just like the first time that we went,it was very exciting and enjoyable.

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