Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Dear Mom,

I thought that it would be a nice idea to wish you a Happy Mothers Day even though you are no longer with us. I’ll admit though, that it took me a little bit of time to pull myself together so that I could write this blog without becoming too sad to write.
I know I know, its been 30 plus years since you passed away. You may be thinking, “Why is he still having such a hard time with my passing? Though I get through a great majority of days just fine, Mothers Day is the time of the year when I actually get a bit emotional as I look back to my time growing up and to what an incredible mother and person you were.
I’ve been able to go on with my life despite your passing and have done quite well, as have all your children.My wife Ann and our very smart, theater-loving son, Eric, are the real highlights of my life. They have both always made me feel that, despite my seizures, I do mean the world to them as well.
You probably already know all the different things about me that I just mentioned above, but how am I to know, right? Anyway, like I was saying, memories of you shine particularly bright every single year at this time and I suppose that I shouldn’t feel too down, but we(your children) were so fortunate to have had you as our mother.
I sometimes think about our old home on Woodbine Street and how much work you put into raising us. Now, I know that dad also did an awful lot for us and was a wonderful parent himself. However, it’s your(and all moms) big day so I’m focusing on you……because I really miss you Mom!
As I said, my life has gone pretty well since you passed but, well, you were an amazing human being who was taken from us far too soon. As time has passed, I have seen too many stories on the news or read too many stories about parents hurting their own kids and it makes me sick. Despite there being 10 of us, you always made each one of us your top priority.Thank you!
All 10 of us children were so lucky to have you, a kind, gentle woman for a mother. The lessons that you taught us in a stern but gentle manner make me feel so fortunate. Happy Mothers Day to you Mom!



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