Well Done Big Guy!

It is hard for me to believe, but our son, Eric, is now a legal driver. And I find that super cool! In fact, I was his first passenger yesterday morning on his first legal drive- a trip to the bank and the grocery store. What surprised me was how calm I was as we drove because Ann had done such a fine job teaching him to drive. I always pictured this time in his life-driving for the first time- as being a more harrowing experience for me but it wasn’t. He was great.
I knew that you could do it, Eric, and mom and I are so very proud of you.As excited as I am for him, I’m especially happy and grateful to Ann because, while teaching him to drive, she never openly expressed any kind of anger or frustration to Eric or myself as a result of possibly being burnt out
Anyway, Eric took his driving test last Tuesday and picked up a copy of his first official drivers license last Thursday.From here on out,this “road diploma”will define our son as an adult, a grown man able to get to where he needs to be or most anywhere he wants to be on his own.Where has the time gone?
I guess you could say that I am a bit overwhelmed- but not in a bad way- just fascinated by how fast time passes by. Always has and always will. Just like Eric will leave home for college in a little over two years, it kind of feels as if a part of him has already left, just not for college. Well, that’s just what happens when people grow up. Most of them, like Eric have better things to do then hang out at their own homes once driving comes into the picture. Even so, I encourage doing this on two conditions: always drive safely and never drive too much because gas is expensive. Well done, Eric.

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