No Music, No Problem

Eric’s latest play,Twelfth Night, was performed three times over three days this past weekend. For those who may not know, this play was not a musical, Erics’ preferred kind of play but he was just as smooth playing the part of Sebastian, the twin brother of Viola.
I’ll admit that this story was a bit harder for me to follow, but that’s OK with me, I was just watching. I wasn’t among the the brilliant cast that made this a very watchable play. Why do I say that? Well, I’m accustomed to seeing musicals that Eric has starred in and, I must admit, musicals and the stories that they’re telling move along a lot smoother.
Anyway, though Sebastian was a main character, we(the audience) didn’t see him very much until the second part of the play because his twin,Viola, said that he had drowned, which he had not.
And so, because I’ll admit that I was confused by this whole story, I’ll only be talking about Eric and his smooth portrayal of his part. Eric did so well, I believe, because he put so much enthusiasm and hard work into playing this part the best that he possibly could. And he succeeded. Again.
I think this time, I was impressed by how smoothly, somewhat easily Eric delivered his lines, which were sometimes were more like paragraphs. Someone reading this might say, “But there were other characters with somewhat long lines as well.” To that I would say, but Eric’s my son and I’m proud of hell of him though the other cast members also played their respective parts well.
I often wonder how Eric can perform in his plays so flawlessly without, seemingly, an ounce of nerves rattling through him.
You see, this blog is pretty straight-forward and one dimensional but it covers such an important subject: a parent who is wowed by his sons’ stage presence and his ability to bring another lead character to life. Thanks to all of you for another fine play.

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