Happy Anniversary Dear!

This might be the first time I’ve ever written blogs two days in a row, but the subjects are too important not to write about how I feel about each of them, dad yesterday and Ann, my wife of 19 years today. Please read if you’re interested because I’m truly a lucky man and want to show interested readers why.
-Can you believe it, hon? We have been a couple for twenty plus years and, now,happily married for 19 years since our beautiful wedding in Florida. Add to that our very bright and talented son Eric and one might say that we have created a beautiful life for ourselves, one that, perhaps, many other people wish that they could have created for themselves.
Did the end of that last sentence sound rude? I’m sorry, but I think that it’s true.
Yes, I’ve been lucky! You’ve been lucky! We’ve been lucky! We have been fortunate to have each other, a few friends and families who have supported our love for one another and been there in good times and bad. Not that our path has always been smooth……but you have always been a super woman, mother and wife.
Annette, I have often been floored by how much went into your days before Eric drove. You worked full days and then took Eric to rehearsals or any other places he had to be time and time again.I might be able to cover the things necessary to keep our house looking halfway decent, simple things like washing the dishes,repairing important appliances like ovens or washing machines, sweeping and mopping floors or doing laundry.
Having gotten his license and dads’ car,Eric has been able to get to places on his own, giving you a much-deserved break.
Annette, I often wish that I could be an bigger provider for Eric and you by working full-time and making an honest living. With my damn seizures, I don’t ever see that happening.Even so, I will always treasure you, love you and protect you guys till my last day.
Sure, it was my cheesy pick-up line-so, do you date much- that got our beautiful relationship started. Even so, I will be forever grateful to you for seeing the good in me from that very first date and becoming, well, my best friend! I love you NetNet!

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