Smaller Show Done With Same Passion

This show that Ann and I went to yesterday wasn’t one specific play. It was a musical show combining a few songs from well-known plays like Hamilton, Easy Street and others put on by members of this years’ Wesleyan University Center for Creative Youth.
Though there were other songs from a few other plays, I only mentioned the two above because those were the names of the songs that Eric sang parts of beautifully and passionately. In fact, the song Easy Street, that Eric sang with two others was also the song that Eric sang a great deal himself, no disrespect to the two others.
Even though he had a lesser part in the other song, Hamilton, Eric sang his(solo) part of the song the way he always has, with extreme confidence and talent. I am not trying to lessen the role that Eric had in this song but, instead, saying it has never mattered what kind of show he is performing in, he always gives 100% effort to be sure that he does his part or in this case,sings,as well as he can.
For the other song, Easy Street, Eric had a bigger role, singing more and doing just as good a job as he had done playing numerous lead parts in past plays that he’s done. On top of his fine singing, Eric did a bit of dancing with his two lady partners without batting an eye. As well as everyone did, whether singing, dancing or doing both together in their respective roles, it was Eric that I noticed the most. Big surprise, right!
Anyway, for me it was pretty neat to see all these kids, many from out of state, perform with such ease together. It certainly is not easy but the way they performed nearly every song and dance so well left me saying to myself,again, “How do they make performing look so easy?”

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