An Old-Fashioned Reunion with Friends

The time spent with a few of my old friends this past weekend at was such an uplifting experience. These men-Bill,Dave, Sean and Jeff- are guys that I went to high school and played baseball( with Bill and Dave) many years ago.
Over the years, we would usually get together by meeting at a bar. This time, being that it is the middle of summer,Dave apparently came up with this idea and ,well Dave, I must say that it was a super idea.
On top of the guys bringing their wives, they also brought along their kids. Eric didn’t come with us because he had a prior obligation. Even so, Ann and I were cool with that and, as it turns out, he said that he had a great time hanging with friends at one of those friends’ house just like Ann and I did at this get-together at Dave’s’ beautiful house up at Highland Lake.
As I believe I have mentioned a time or two in prior blogs, I’ve met a few people since graduating high school but I’ve never established friendships like the ones I made through the years with these guys(and Mike and Rob).
Nowadays, we rarely see one another because, well, we are all adults, all of whom have jobs(except me), kids and, I’m sure, plenty of other adult responsibilities. Even so, at this gig, we picked up talking with each other as if we still saw one another all the time.
A bunch of us went out on Dave’s boat for a ride around the lake. This was quite cool, especially because the boat wasn’t one of those that go fast, skipping across the lake. No, this one went quite a bit slower and, once again, there were plenty of stories told, both new and old…I think.
OK, while we did take a ride, I don’t if the last sentence was entirely true because I had a beer or 2 celebrating this super reunion.
By the time things wrapped up and Ann and I got going, I was bummed out a little, but then I realized that, though its been a long time since we were in school together, we have been able to get together on occasion every once in a while. Why, because we still like one another.

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