Time Alone Not So Bad

Every once in while, Eric heads down to NYC to participate in different theater-related classes and to perform songs for people from different colleges he may be interested in attending in a couple of years. Normally, I’m the one who goes with him but, this weekend, Ann went because she is friends with the mother of one of the kids showing off their talent(s) with Eric.
Seeing as how it is the weekend, Ann and Eric left early yesterday(Friday) morning and will be returning tomorrow night. I’ve gotten a few calls from Ann so that we can, among other things, fill each other in on what is happening in on what we have been doing with our days apart. A couple of the conversations we’ve had have reminded me of when we first began dating a long time ago in Arizona. I spoke quickly-or so it seemed that way to me- asking Ann how her days went, what time she reached the city(on Friday)and what classes Eric was slated to take on each day.
This sounds boring, I’m sure, to some readers but my conversational style surprised me a little. I don’t why. Maybe it was because I was enjoying these days alone. Sure, I spend a ton of time alone anyway because I don’t work, drive or do most any other things that the average working person does. But, nonetheless, those two people(Ann and Eric)do now and always will mean the world to me so when they go away, even for just two days, it feels kind of strange but, like I said I don’t mind it too much.
Even with a house full of hyper, barking dogs-Zoe and Buddy- barking at every little sound and cats-Linus, Lucy and Margarita- chasing one another all around the house, it was still weird not to hear or see Ann or Erics’ voices for a little while…but I survived!
They got back this past Sunday night and I was both grateful they were OK and, obviously happy to see them back home safely. Not surprisingly, both of them said that they enjoyed their time there. Ann also told me that there were a couple of schools who liked what they heard from Eric, urging him to come back again next year. I can’t say that I was surprised, but I was proud as hell…again.

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