Oh Yeah, I’m a Real Fitness Buff!

OK, I wouldn’t go that far! Even so, I wrote my first blog about this place-Blue Boy Boxing Club- back in October,talking about what good people Nina and Kareem Blue were and how well they conducted business.
They still run a fine business but, this time, I want to cover a few different things. Of the 9 of us who are currently in my class, 7 of us have either Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy(me). For a long time, our class was all guys, but just last week, a couple of ladies started working out with us. So far, Janice hasn’t had any trouble adapting to what we do and has had done just fine getting through the workouts. Not that I’m surprised.
We do our one-hour workouts three days a week-Monday, Wednesday and Friday- and every single one of us have gone through invigorating, music-rich workouts while getting to know one another. Some of my fellow classmates are retirees, though I’ve never bothered to ask any of them what kind of work they did because I don’t feel that is any of my business.They are all somewhat older than me(51) but they all show up for each class willing and eager to do whatever Nina or Kareem ask us to do.
There are three of us who started together about a year and a half ago: John, Frank and me. These men are still able-bodied guys, one of whom bikes quite often(John) and another who lifts weights(Frank) occasionally when they are not at this class. John has told me that he is trying to reach a total of 2,000 miles biked but still has a few hundred more miles to bike to reach his goal.
Another reason I enjoy these sessions is that everyone is easygoing and upbeat, nice people who just seem happy to be doing something with others who enjoy it as much as they do.
I am quite sure that I’ll continue going to these classes at least until Eric-he’s a junior- goes off to college in a couple of years. It’s a perfect substitute for the running I can no longer do comfortably.

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