Memorable Visits

Earlier this week was a great time for me because I got to see my brother Kevin, who is visiting from Oklahoma for a week or so.The three of us-Kev, another brother Steve and I- had a great day. The first place we went to was my sister Maureens’ house and visited her and her husband Biff for awhile.
After chatting with one another for, I would say, just about an hour,we left their house in Manchester and we headed back to Torrington to visit with dad. As usual it was great. The Mets-Phillies game was on so while we watched the game we were able to have a nice conversation with one another, updating each other on our respective lives.
I can specifically recall dad telling us a quick story about meeting a one-time writing legend from the New York Times-was it Red Smith?- at a sporting event that they were both covering. To see the smile on his face as he told us with youthful jubilation about how he had spoken briefly with him made me feel so good, almost like a kid seeing his first game. Dad has covered so many games over the years and seen and spoken to many a famous and immensely-talented athlete through the years, so to see his expressions describing this small story was cool.
I’d have to say that this was one of my brightest memories from that day.
seeing my brother Kevin for the first time in quite a while was great.He will be here about a week so I’ll certainly see him a couple of more times before he heads back to OK.The older I get, the more these small reunions mean to me. I know he is plenty busy with his life in Oklahoma and I, well I have things to get done here, but to see a super guy like Kevin, a guy I worked with for a short time one summer many,many years ago and with whom I took a nice road trip to a few different MLB parks in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and Chicago(Cubs) after mom passed away makes me very, very happy.
Just yesterday, Kevin and I got together again, first by sharing a pizza for lunch. Next we went to pick up a couple of things for dad before, finally, heading over to dads for another visit. Once again, he shared a fun story about once spending time alone interviewing Muhammad Ali before one of his biggest fights when he was in his prime. Once more, dad showed pure joy as he spoke.
Again, it’s been great seeing Kevin again but hearing our father tell these stories was a blast as well.

2 thoughts on “Memorable Visits

  1. Hi Dan, just saw this…beautiful story. It’s so good to see our siblings from out of state, it’s just too bad they are visiting for such a sad reason. We’re lucky to have each other through this difficult time with dad😢.
    Love you brother


    • Thanks dude! Yeah, I agree with you, it’s so sad to see dad slipping away. Sheila and I went to see him yesterday. He was awake the entire time and he was capable of having a so/so conversation with us but he looked real tired. Poor dad! He’s such a great guy!



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