Feeling the Heat

Our contribution to an outing this past Saturday night was Coconut Thai soup. Ann had made it shortly before we went to our friends house. It was my job to carry this searing hot soup as we drove to their house. Sounds simple, right?
Well, I thought so as well but the roads we took to reach Ansonia made sure it wasn’t…and I paid! Here’s how: We we were just a couple of blocks from our friends’ house when IT happened. Ann was approaching a traffic light when she drove over about a 20 foot section of road that happened to be riddled with potholes. Any guesses as to what happened next? Here goes:
The very warm pot with that very hot soup inside of it lost its cover and a bunch of the soup splashed onto my lap. At that moment, I reacted as if I had been lit on fire! I screamed out in pain, cursed repeatedly and scared poor Ann so much that she pulled over for a couple of minutes so I could calm down and get the feeling back in my left leg. Ah, good times!
As a result of this spill, we went to a nearby store and got another of jeans for me and then headed to our friends’ house with a hell of a story. Not only could I(and everyone else) laugh about it once we reached their house but I was able to enjoy the night in comfort.
In a lifetime, a lot of things that you expect will happen do happen but plenty of unexpected things happen as well, not all of which we like. Obviously, what I said happened to me a couple of days ago was not something that I expected to happen to me. Even so, and despite the fact that I felt as though my brutal pain would never let up, it did and, as usual, we had a super night.

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