Great Race for Super Cause

Just a few hours ago, Ann and I ran another race- the Purple Pumpkin 5k for Epilepsy- in Farmington along with my sister Sheila and her son Mike who finished fourth overall in around 22 minutes.
This race, in only its second year contributes any money made from registration and, I believe, from race shirt sales to the Epilepsy Society of Connecticut. Obviously, there are countless other races whose profits are put toward other causes but, for me anyway, being an epileptic, this race was real important to me….and very challenging. The entire race was run along the rough off-road terrain of Winding Trails, winding through beautiful woods with small, steep hills every half-mile or so.
Though the times Sheila, Ann and I ended up with weren’t record-breakers, we were satisfied with how we did. After all, just finishing this race was good enough for me. The key, I believe, to me running the entire race was the hike that we took the day before at Mount Tom. We didn’t run on that day but still got a good walk in. Though Ann and I didn’t go all the way to the top(of Mt. Tom) but my legs felt great when we had finished. I write those previous two lines with a smirk on my face because I know Ann and I’s walk that day probably had nothing to do with how we felt during the race, but I like to think that it might have.
Not only did we have Sheila and Mike join us in the race, but we had a couple of supporters-Sheila’s husband Chris and Mike’s sister Carolyn- cheering us on as we each slowly approached the finish line. It’s things like this that seem to give people some extra energy when they don’t seem to have any. I know that was the case for me. Thanks guys!
One last thing about this race that I enjoyed was the smaller field of runners. Of course, I would liked to see more people there but, considering that we were running on trails through the woods, it was easier to watch for obstacles so as not to do what I did last year at this race…trip and fall down.

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