Harder Than I Remember

Having not held any type of job for roughly 15 years because of my seizures, I recently began looking for a part-time job. I haven’t been doing this like I used to, going to different businesses around town seeing or asking if they’re hiring because I’m worried that if I told them about my seizures or a potential employer even saw me having one, they would not understand and explain that they could not keep me because of this disorder. That was what happened to me in Arizona, going from one job to another because people did not understand.
No,instead, I’ve gone to a couple of sites online whose goal I thought was to help find work for people like myself and so many others. At least that’s what I initially thought. The first one-Ability Beyond- contacted me after I sent in an application to them but it turns out that they’re a company that focuses on getting work for people and helping to direct them toward full-time work in whatever field their hoping to be involved in.
Due to the fact that I’m on disability. There was one other place- American Job Center- that I tried reaching but, strangely enough, nobody answered the phone when I selected the option that I needed to ask about possible employment. In fact,there wasn’t even an answering machine either, the ringing just stopped altogether.
Ann had encouraged me when I called these places to try ask about jobs that I could do at home but, like I said, neither one of the places I contacted worked out for me.
Well, it appears that, despite what I just said above, I may have to go around town seeking part-time work, explaining my seizures up front to whomever I speak with at each place and crossing my fingers, hoping that someone will at least give me a chance.
It’s not as though I’m panicking, desperate to find a job. Instead I think the reasons that I’m looking to work is because, well, it’s always nice to have your own money, money that you earned. I also believe that, with all the free time I have each day, I’m probably a tad bored. Anyway, I’ll start looking tomorrow. We’ll see what happens.

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