Wilbur was a Class Act

A fine and talented cast did a super job performing the classic, Charlotte’s Web, this past weekend at the Thomaston Opera House performing a total of hour plays-2 this past Saturday and 2 on Sunday. Speaking of two, I saw that one show on Saturday, but I went back again to see the early show on Sunday. As usual, I’ll be mostly talking about the performance of our(Ann and I’s) son, Eric, who played the part of Wilbur the pig.
Now, to be successful in theater, one must have not only confidence, but a real desire to bring the part they’re assigned to life. Eric did that as Wilbur…again!
Though this is a classic tale, it is not a musical but that didn’t matter at all to Eric. He’s performed in other non-musicals through the years and this show was no different as he put all his energy into playing Wilbur with a veteran actor’s passion and poise.
I actually found myself getting just a tad emotional because one of the biggest and most important themes of this play was friendship. Though he shared a special bond with Fern, the most emotions, for me anyway, sprung as Charlotte and Wilbur built their friendship. Near the end of the play, Charlotte is dying. As Wilbur and her converse about their lives and friendship, Wilbur says to her, ” It’s not the quantity of life, but the quality of it.”
That quote, to me, is so true! Nobody knows exactly how long they’ll be on earth, so certain friendships people have made and maintained over time, to most of them anyway are precious, a priceless commodity that gains more and more value as they grow older.
As I watched Sunday’s early show, I watched again as Eric played Wilbur so beautifully once again. I’ve been meaning to ask him if there was one special way he went about learning his lines, then remembering everything so easily.That always amazes me! Now sure, that is a pretty random thought but let’s face it: if a lead in a play doesn’t know their lines, it won’t be much of a show.
The entire cast did a great job as well in each of the shows that I saw, but for obvious reasons I gave Eric the spotlight for this blog. He is our son and I’m proud as hell of him.
Not only did he perform, but Eric was good enough to meet with some of the kids who attended the shows right after each show and sign their programs.One of the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!

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